Enrique Moral-Benito


Since 2015 I teach "Quantitative Methods" in the Master in Banking Supervision at CEMFI. Here you can find the slides:


Introductory topics - statistics

Fundamentals of probability

Linear regression with one regressor

Multiple regression analysis

Multiple regressin analysis: in practice


In 2011 I taught Econometrics at University Carlos III, Madrid. You can have a look at the course materials here: http://www.eco.uc3m.es/docencia/econometria/


In 2007-2009 I was Teaching Assistant to Professor Stephane Bonhomme in the following courses at CEMFI (you can download some of my teaching material):

Winter 2009: Econometrics (Graduate Level)

Fall 2008: Statistical Methods (Graduate Level)

Winter 2008: Econometrics (Graduate Level)

Fall 2007: Statistical Methods (Graduate Level)

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