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Selected Publications  (for a complete list click here)

  • "Determinants of Economic Growth: A Bayesian Panel Data Approach" (2012)
    The Review of Economics and Statistics
    Vol. 94. [link]

  • "Likelihood-based Estimation of Dynamic Panels with Predetermined Regressors" (2013)
    Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 31. [link]

  • "Is Infrastructure Capital Productive? A Dynamic Heterogeneous Approach" (2015)
    (joint work with César Calderón and Luis Servén)

    Journal of Applied Econometrics
    Vol. 30. [link]

  • "Model Averaging in Economics: An Overview" (2015)
    Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol. 29.

  • "Growth Empirics in Panel Data under Model Uncertainty and Weak Exogeneity" (2016)
    Journal of Applied Econometrics
    Vol. 31. [link]

  • "The impact of financial regulation on current account balances" (2016)
    (joint work with Oliver Roehn)
    European Economic Review,
    Vol. 81. [link]

Working Papers

  1. "Agglomeration Matters for Trade" (2015) (R&R) [pdf]
    (joint work with Roberto Ramos)

  2. "Growing like Spain: 1995-2007" (2016) [pdf] [article in The Economist] [article in El Pais]
    (joint work with Manuel García-Santana, Josep Pijoan-Mas and Roberto Ramos)

  3. "The Public Sector Wage Premium in Spain: Evidence from Longitudinal Administrative Data" (2015) (R&R) [pdf]
    (joint work with Laura Hospido)

  4. "Signalling fiscal stress in the euro area - a country-specific early warning system" [pdf] (2014)
    (joint work with Pablo Hernández de Cos, Gerrit B. Koester and Christiane Nickel)

  5. "Does Slack Influence Public and Private Labor Market Interactions?" [pdf] (2016)
    (joint work with Ana Lamo and Javier Pérez)


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